Thursday, February 6, 2014

The third Stringpurée Band -album

We were recording our third album with Stringpurée Band last week at Finnvox studios in Helsinki. The legendary engineer Risto Hemmi was recording with us on the first three days and the last two we did with Aki Sihvonen. Both guys are extremely professional and easy to work with. Also our band was well prepared for the sessions. Our first album "Senni Eskelinen & Stringpurée Band" back in 2008 was a soft-sounding first and it was a good album but maybe a bit too careful for my taste. The second one "Fedja" was something completely different. A different studio, different engineer, different sound. We wanted to go to the other extreme and the album sounds pretty raw. I think for the third album our band has found its voice and sound. It's somewhere in the middle where every musician in the band is able to stretch the limits and traditional roles of their instrument but everything still works together. I think all the tunes work well together also. We all did some composing for the album, but most of the pieces are Senni's. With this band the collective arranging is sometimes as important as the compositions though, but it varies from tune to tune. Anyways it's gonna be our best album yet!

Here's some pics from the studio. In the pictures are also our marvelous visitors Emil Luukkonen - organ, Kaisa Leskinen - vocals and Topi Korhonen - mandolin and trumpet
. And of course our producer Kosmo Salminen in the picture with Senni. :) Enjoy!

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