Friday, March 28, 2014

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

My first album "Mörkö" out now!!!

Here it is. My first album "Mörkö"!

I have to admit, it was a really tough project and I'm so relieved that it's done. The main reason for this was that this was the first album I produced myself. The respect I have for small record companies that keep doing the dirty work for unknown experimental and alternative artists just went up even more!

Of course I couldn't have done all of it by myself. The main thanks goes to Timo Kämäräinen, Linda Fredriksson and Niko Votkin for making time for this project in their busy schedules. I couldn't think of a better mix of musicians for this album. Special thanks to Timo for doing the recording also. I'd also like to thank Pentti Dassum for the wonderful mixing job, Janne Mathlin for all-around help during the studio session, Martta-Kaisa Virta for the amazing cover art and Jaakko Viitalähde for the finish touch in mastering the album.

The album basically tells the tale of a day in a life of an fictional yeti-like creature ("Mörkö" means bugbear or boogieman in finnish) that lives in Koli national park. The music is instrumental so it's all about conveying different moods. The tunes are build around folkish melodies though the arrangements draw from rock and jazz aesthetics.

At this time you can only order it directly from me (kalleylitalo(at) though I'm planning to outsource the internet distribution soon. The price is 15 euros plus the postage (2 euros or 3 euros depending on the country).

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

FMQ-article about game music

Finnish Music Quarterly released an article about finnish game music. I was happy to be interviewed for it along with two great finnish game composers Petri Alanko and Veli-Matti Mattson. You can find the article here:

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