Here's some info about the more continuous projects I'm involved in.

Kalle Ylitalo & The Mystics

Photo by Hannu Huhtamo

My solo project. The idea of this project is to bring together simple melodies, influences from all sorts of musical traditions and the united vision of fantastic musicians who aren't afraid to experiment and think outside the box. On "Expansion" (2016) the compositions are inspired by my experiences on meditation and also the concept of expansion on the level of the universe. Musically the album is an experiment on merging "nordic" melodies with dub, afrobeat, psychedelic rock, jazz and folk -influences. The result is progressive music with a lot of energy.

We also do live-shows with a light painting collective Valopaja. The above photo is a good example of this wondrous technique; it's straight from the camera. You can check out more about Hannu and the collective here: 

Our lineup is:

Kalle Ylitalo - bass, compositions
Jukka Kääriäinen - guitar
Otto Eskelinen - saxophone, keyboards
Janne Mathlin - drums

Stringpurée Band

Photo by Jari Rönkkö and Heikki Repo

Stringpurée Band is my oldest and dearest band. We play instrumental music heavily influenced by progressive rock, jazz, finnish folk music and classical music. The outcome from this mixture is music that's raw, uncompromising, emotional and paints vivid images in the mind of the listener. We've released three albums, "Senni Eskelinen & Stringpurée Band" (2008), "Fedja" (2010) and "Skizo" (2014). You can buy our albums here:

Our lineup is:

Senni Eskelinen - Electric kantele

Niko Votkin  - Drums
Kalle Ylitalo - Bass

Check out our homepage and like us on Facebook!éeband

Stringpurée Band & Kalevala -live

In this project Stringpurée Band teams up with viola player Juulia Niiniranta and the shamanistic magic of Reino Niiniranta’s silhouette animation films from the 1970’s to create a unique live experience.

Find out more at:

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